Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge Submissions

Hey Readers,

I know I have been highly irregular in my updates for both Spirit Guardian and the McGinnis Legacy Challenge but I saw this on the forums and I just couldn’t let it pass me by.

LisaBeeSims has just revived what I gather was once a pretty large project know as the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge and it seems like a wonderful idea. So I have decided to enter these challengers as a novice SimLit writer. I have less then a year (simply due to IRL limiting my time updating my blogs) under my belt and I think entering this competition will be a great exercise as a writer.

Now there are rules for both writers and readers of this SimLit challenge. I will have to remain within word limits, screenshot counts and, of course, be on theme for each month’s entry. And if any of you decide to vote, you MUST read ALL entries and vote for your top three in BOTH categories (Novice and Veteran). If you do not vote for three in each category then your vote will not count. Voting will be open the first week after the end of submissions (ex: April’s Monthly Submissions are due April 30th by midnight and voting will be open from May 1st to May 7th). I plan to vote myself and am highly anticipating the chance.

LisaBeeSims had outlined all of this on her blog (linked above) and on the page in the Sims Forums (found here). There is also a Facebook Page for those who want to like and follow. Make sure to bookmark these pages and check out all the amazing writers that are participating. Or if you are a writer looking for an opportunity, check it out and enter it! I encourage you because there are so many people who have encouraged me and I hope to pass it forward.

This page, on my blog, will be dedicated to the entries I manage to submit and I hope that you will follow me in my endeavors and maybe give me a vote if I make it into your Top Three. As always, I appreciate the read and if you want to leave a comment, know it will make my day.

April’s Entry: Life’s Folly
[No Entry for May]
June’s Entry: No Takebacks
July’s Entry: The Most Powerful Magic
August’s Entry: Care to Whinge
September’s Entry: Seeds of Innocence
October’s Entry