Spirit Guardian

Episode 5: Forever Lost

The rain was unexpected. Then again, Meg frowned as she pushed her wet bangs out of her face, nothing had been what she had expected since she started her university. These past few days she had found exploring the campus on her own had become a past time. It was certainly better then sitting in a… Continue reading Episode 5: Forever Lost

Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge

MSSSC April Entry: Life’s Folly

Do you know the definition of a folly? I didn't. Until we met. Before that, I lived my life in the office. I brought lunch just so I could work through break. That day, I spilled my lunch on the ground, the whole system was down and the paper copies were disorganized. I ended up going to… Continue reading MSSSC April Entry: Life’s Folly

Spirit Guardian

Episode 2: Bugs in the System

“Megara Blackwell Santillan.” The chipper, blonde girl nodded and typing on her computer stared intently at the screen. Her finger blitz across the keyboard. She hummed to herself happily. Beside them, many other chipper, young upperclassmen were helping other incoming freshman. Still, Meg thought, the blonde girl and her counterparts were more chipper then the… Continue reading Episode 2: Bugs in the System