Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge

MSSSC September Entry: Seeds of Innocence

A/N: Hey Simmers, I managed to squeeze in another entry into the amazing and completely addicting Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge. This month I was seriously missing my #BuildNewcrest Legacy family, the McGinnises, because I have been spending an absorberant amount of time with Spirit Guardian while the inspiration lasts so I decided to do… Continue reading MSSSC September Entry: Seeds of Innocence

Spirit Guardian

Episode 7: So it’s True…

“…sewa…” The word was echoing through her mind. Even as she tried to shake the dream and to focus on something, anything, else. Shaking her head, she snapped the textbook she was staring at closed. She had been staring at the same sentence for the last five minutes and it was time to admit to… Continue reading Episode 7: So it’s True…