Spirit Guardian

Episode 9: We Shall Continue

Episode 9: We Shall Continue

1_Closeup Katharin
Katharin Grijalva-Weaver was not a nervous woman. She had faced down art critics and journalists. Dios miosShe had even left her mother country to make an entirely new life for herself based solely on her art! Through all that she had faced in her life, she never once backed down from a challenge.

Sitting at her desk now, facing the imposing woman across from her, she found herself mentally attempting to equate this situation as another challenge in her career despite the foreign feeling beginning to inhabit her chest as she took in the woman’s powerful presence. This feeling reminded her of a nervous school girl being called to the principal’s office for some unknown transgression; which was ridiculous because this was her office, at her school during a meeting she had called. In this scenario she was in fact the principal, if anything; she reminded herself.

Katharin only hoped that she did not look as nervous as she felt as she cleared her throat while simultaneously clearing her thoughts to put herself back into the present meeting.

“Miss Santillan, I want to thank you for making the time to come. I understand that you are a very busy woman…” she self-consciously rubbed her wrist to avoid nervously fiddling with the pen she always kept on her desk.

Imala Santillan only raised an eyebrow in response, her long greying hair tethered into two perfectly neat braids not a hair was out of place. Her clothing was just as neat, the deep purple blouse’s front pleats strict as her dark gaze. A gaze both unconcerned and unyielding in a way that made Katharin feel as if she was being dissected in the silence that followed her statement. This woman unnerved her.

3_Imala Rxn Shot
The feeling was apparently not mutual as the woman in question leaned forward and placed her elbows on the desk. “You have some concerns which have necessitated this meeting, Professor?”

“Yes, I do.” Folding an arm across her chest, she rubbed her chin self-consciously. “Are you aware that two weeks ago on the first day of classes Megara collapsed? My concerns are for her. As I would think yours would be.”

Katharin was not sure what she had expected to come from this meeting, but she was confident that it was necessary. She gazed at the other woman’s face waiting for any signs of concern, distress, any emotion at all to cross Imala’s face and yet her facial expression remained unmoved. “Professor Weaver, do you remember why you contacted me initially?”

4_Katharin Reaction Shot
Katharin blinked. “Well yes, of course, but–“
“Megara has sadly been too long sheltered from her abilities. There will be…an adjustment period. But I am confident in her. It is in her blood as it is in mine. Now, if that is all, I have many other matters to attend to…” Imala stood as if the meeting was finished and smoothed her hands down her long skirt despite Katharin seeing an absence of wrinkles.

For a moment, Katharin could only sit as she watched the woman pull on her long knitted blanket shawl around her shoulders and ready herself to leave.

5_Katharin Speech
Imala had almost reached the door before she roused herself to stand. “It doesn’t feel right.” Imala stopped and turned back to look at her, her expression still unconcerned.

This time Imala’s silence only roused Katharin to continue. She felt she had to continue. “…putting a student into an immensely stressful situation without any knowledge of what to expect or what this means for her future. You said yourself Megara is unaware of the abilities she possesses. How can she help Adrien if–“
Katharin stopped short as the woman lifted her hand to silence her. “If you wish your nephew to be free of his attachment then we shall continue.”

Katharin flinched at the cold, unyielding look and yet part of her was angered at how Imala so callously referred to her niece as if she was not a living being as well. “May I remind you that attachment is my niece, Adrien’s sister. Of course, I want him to be able to let her go and to truly live, for himself and not only for her… What I am doubting now is if this is worth the cost of what Megara will have to endure in order to help him.”

Imala’s gaze darkened then although Katharin was not sure that she saw anger so much as irritation. Imala didn’t leave her place by the door only turning back to fully face Katharin. “You knew there would be a cost, Professor Weaver…Do not deny that.”
Katharin found herself wanting to step back as Imala continued. “As I told you previously…Twins have a unique bond in life as well as in death. They are like one soul split into two beings… For your niece to truly move on to the After both she and Adrien must acquiesce to the separation. Otherwise we risk Adrien’s own spiritual life force. A life force that your niece is already unknowingly risking… So I shall ask again, do you wish to continue for the sake of your nephew?

Katharin could not hold Imala’s gaze and found her gaze dropping to the photo on her desk of her, Adrien and Kat, his twin sister. Adrienne, her own twin sister, had barely survived the loss of her daughter. She had withdrawn almost completely even unable to see her son for her grief. But to lose him too…Katharin knew that her family would not be able to survive that devastation and balled her fists at her side.. “Yes.” she replied because there was no other answer she could give.

Imala nodded curtly, turning as if to leave again. “If that is all…”

6_Katharin Angry Reaction
Katharin knew that she should remain quiet but there was a nagging in her that she could not keep quiet. Anger boiled in her stomach and she faced Imala once more. “Have you no concern for her? Your granddaughter?”

She found herself faced only with Imala’s rigid back at first and her heart pounded in her the silence that followed. Why was this woman able to make her feel so child-like without uttering a word. She refused to take back the sentiment though as part of her needed to know.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Imala turned just enough to glance over her shoulder a faint smug smile softening the aging of her face.. “I have faith. Megara shall come into her own, as all have before her. Good day, Professor Weaver.”

Imala let herself out and as the door closed behind her, Katharin let herself resume her seat with a huff of breath as she became aware that every muscle in her body was now suddenly exhausted from a tension she had not realized that she had been holding. Sighing into the emptiness around her, she rested her arms on the desk and nervously rubbed her fingers, her eyes once more drawn to the photograph on her desk. “Am I…doing the right thing…?”

8_Katharin Alone


If there was one thing that Meg could say about being in college… time passed quickly.
Sitting in the North Quad picnic tables with her cohort, the heat from the hot tea in her hands stealing her against the cool October breeze, she marveled at how quickly September had rushed by. She was only taking three courses: Biology, which had a lecture and lab, Academic Writing, and an Intro to Library Research interdisciplinary course and yet it seemed as if she barely had time to finish all the homework, attend lectures and make it back to her dorm to sleep a dreamless night before the routine began all over again.

9_Meg with Cohort
The exhaustion was good though. It kept her mind busy. Too busy to deal with… her eyes glanced over to where Adrien was seated on the grass. His coffee was on the ground and he looked uneasy at best. It wasn’t Adrien that she sought out, although he was a complication all his own, but his sister… She had begun to notice that ghosts seemed to draw her eye in an inexplicable way that other people just didn’t. There was almost a buzzing that seemed to spread across her body as if their presence was setting off unconscious reaction and her skin felt as if it tingled with energy.

She had noticed that Adrien’s sister, in particular, was almost always present when there were other people around. In fact, after the fainting spell she realized that the only time Adrien’s sister had a manifestation that Meg could see was when they were in large groups. Although Meg was now constantly aware of her presence even when she had no visible form. They both pretended not to notice the other for the most part, but Meg couldn’t help but look at her physical form occasionally. It was especially hard to ignore her during cohort meetings as his sister was always so full of excitement that it seemed to buzz off of her.

“Alright, alright, everyone.” Journey said from next to Adrien. “I know everyone is extremely busy with midterms being next week and Thanksgiving break hovering just ahead but… it’s really important that we have these check-ins with everyone to see how classes and life at the Academy is going for everyone.”

Tatianna shook her head in agreement and from her seat on the bench beside Meg. “We do want to thank all of you for taking time out of your schedule to meet out here… even if it is way too cold for an outdoor meeting.”

Journey grinned. “Winter is coming, Tati. We have to enjoy the outdoors while we can. This might be one of our last chances to all get together outside before the snow and ice make it impossible. Besides… that’s what coffee is for.”

He lifted his cup in a mock salute and Tatianna took a swig of hers then, obviously ignoring Journey’s baiting of her by use of her nickname. “Anyway, let’s all catch up and share a bit of how classes have gone since we met up last.” she said after a moment.

The meeting started off as it usually did. Every time they met up Journey and Tatianna had them discuss a bit about how classes were, what they were struggling with and what they were currently enjoying.

As usual, Kionne talked about Biology lectures like they were a death sentence while Raj, on the other hand, complained that the Biology labs were far too rudimentary. Jaime, who was a physics major, chimed in that she agreed with Raj but about the lecture. Adrien pointed out that this was only because she wasn’t in Dr. Callan’s course since it conflicted with her Robotics course. Meg chimed in as necessary, usually prodded by Kionne into taking his side. She usually couldn’t agree with him as she had to remind him that her major was Environmental Biology and she looked at the Biology lecture differently than he did. And Naomaie, the fine art major, watched the group mostly just shaking her head at their antics.

She knew that many people didn’t like the cohort meetup systems, but she was pretty sure that she would have never been able to muster the courage to talk to Kionne, Raj or Jaime. The only one she might have approached was Naomaie. Thinking of it she looked over at the girl in question. Meg mostly knew her from their brief encounter in the counseling office waiting room. She was the quietest in the group and Jaime’s roommate. They hadn’t spoken much, even during their very brief encounter, but Naomaie spoke only when necessary and Meg appreciated her quiet seriousness. Meg could appreciate that need for contemplation especially with how wildly her own world had begun to shift since beginning her time at the Academy.

As they often did since her fainting episode, her thoughts began to wonder. For now, she and the spirits seemed to have reached a stalemate. Grey Girl, the more persistent of the two, danced at the edges of her vision, always waiting. Her persistence made Meg’s writing course in Founder’s Hall the most difficult. She always sensed Grey Girl standing just outside the door. The girl was giving Meg time and space, while simultaneously being a persistent presence. Meg didn’t know how she knew this but it was like her instincts told her that was what the hesitant energy meant. She didn’t think that even with time and space that she would ever be prepared to do what Grey Girl was asking of her though.

Adrien’s sister on the other hand seemed as content as she was to remain distant. As she considered this, her gaze was drawn to the spirit in question. In the dorm, the two mostly skated around each other ignoring each other’s existence by some unspoken agreement.

It was only during these meetings Meg could really fully observe her. She had noticed that his sister would watch everyone, not unlike Meg, and then she would lean over to Adrien. Meg couldn’t hear what she was telling Adrien, mostly because she always gave them space but she did notice that when his sister whispered to him, Adrien would interact… as if he needed to express whatever it was that his sister had said to him.

He wasn’t aware of her in the way Meg was. He never looked at her and he never turned towards her… but there was a unique connection there. One that, if Meg was brave enough, she would be curious to understand. But she wasn’t brave enough, she reminded herself as she forced her eyes away from the two of them. Meg then took another sip of warm tea, sending a swirl of warmth through her.

“Ok… well, sounds like classes are going really well then.” Journey said as the conversation began to peter out and Meg refocused. The meeting was almost done, which meant that Journey was going to ask them all to answer a question about themselves now. He always did. “So…for our final topic let’s…”

13_Close up Kionne
“Get to know each other a little better!” Kionne cut him off and finished for him.”Come on, Journey, really? We all already shared about our hometowns, about our majors and why we chose them and the unique portfolio experiences we brought to the Academy…what more could we possibly need to share to know each other better?”

“Why the Academy?” Everyone now stared at Journey as if he had grown a second head. “There are many universities around the world and even some here in Simmica which are widely known. Foxbury Institute and University of Britchester are both heavy competition for Sims Academy of Advanced Studies… each with their own merits. So… why did you all end up here? What made the final decision for you?”

Journey looked around at the group and no one seemed to quite know what to say. Meg knew why she had come to this school…but… she didn’t jump at sharing. She wasn’t sure she would be able to share when Journey inevitably told her it was her turn. A knot formed in her stomach and she suddenly felt extremely cold. That was when she realized… the feelings weren’t completely her own.

She looked up and her eyes widened as she looked at Adrien and his sister. Adrien was frowning at the floor, his eyes dark. But his sister… if it was at all possible, she seemed to have paled and her eyes were wide as she looked at her brother. This innocent question seemed to have thrown them both for a loop.

“Adrien…?” Journey turned his attention to Adrien. Adrien looked up at him and then seemed to regain his composure.

14_Adrien&Kat Reaction
“Starting with me?” he asked, the mask of confidence sliding into place. “Ah, well, the music program is amazing here… neither Britchester or Foxbury offer the amount of performance-based learning. It was an easy choice.”

“It was our choice…Our promise.” the words came from his sister as Adrien confidently went on and the cold, dark sadness seemed to expand to Meg.

“The Academy was always the place I knew I would come because of that. Neither of the other two were even a consideration honestly.” Adrien said easily as he brushed his hair out of his face.

His fingers shook almost imperceptibly. If Meg wasn’t watching him and his sister so closely she might not have noticed the change. Although he seemed calm there was something in his manner that made him seem as if he wanted to end this conversation quickly. “That’s really about it… who wants to go next?” he asked and smiled at the group. He looked around the group then, as if unconcerned.

15_Kat Zoom in
Then his sister looked up at Meg, her dark eyes almost identical to Adrien’s were captivating and desperately holding on in a way that no one else was aware of. “We swore…Adrien and I. Together always… Kat and Adrien against the world.”

16_Meg Coffee Cup
“I…” Megara was barely aware of the words coming out of her lips, her eyes locked on Kat’s. She felt pulled to speak, to take the pressure off Adrien. To divert Kat’s attention from her brother, although she couldn’t say why. She wasn’t even aware that everyone else had also turned to look at her. “I couldn’t go to Foxbury or Britechester either. It wasn’t really a choice though… I came to escape my legacy. To escape the shadow cast by my own family.”

Kat gave her a puzzled look, and if she had been paying attention she would have noticed the others giving her very similar looks, so she continued.

17_Meg Closeup
“My father graduated from University of Britechester with a distinguished degree in Language and Literature, my mother from Foxbury Institute with a distinguished degree in Biology. She’s a doctor, the Chief of Surgery at Windenburg General. He is an author, most known for his Romance Publication ‘Never Fade’. My interest in research and writing scientific publications meant that I could have majored in either. I had already been accepted into the distinguished degrees readily. Initially I had actually planned to go to Foxbury, majoring in Biology and minor in Writing…But I changed my mind the summer I did my ecological internship at Willow Creek Reserve under Heather Underwood. That summer… changed me and I suddenly knew I couldn’t do that. I had applied here as one of my backup schools. To go to either Foxbury or Britechester would have been to live in their shadow…”

As she finished she realized that all eyes were on her and she forced her eyes to focus on Adrien. “So… I understand not feeling like you only have one choice.” she finished, though part of her wondered why she had felt the need to share like that.

Kat’s look of confusion morphed then. For a moment something like hurt flashed across her face but it all too soon melted into anger. Her brown eyes glittered even in the bright sunlight.

“Only one choice?” Kat’s voice was low and a chill ran down Meg’s back.

18_Kat Angry
“Yes, he did only have one choice… The right choice. The choice to keep the promise he made to me!” Kat stood then, there were tears and anger in her voice. “You…you don’t know! You may see me but… you don’t know!”

Meg nodded and looked down at her cup of tea. The energy that was buzzing through her skin all suddenly seemed to gather around her chest and throat as if it was pressing down. It suddenly was difficult to breath. It was all she could do to nod her head and murmur. “I understand…”

Kat shook her head and then as suddenly as she was there, her form vanished and the energy released from Meg’s chest and she took a slow shaky breath.

“Wait…” she looked over to Kionne who had a shocked look on his face. “Your father is Fabian Blackwell? I love his work. His early collections of short stories is the entire reason that I started writing. Although he…hasn’t actually written anything for the last 8 years… Actually, not since the release of ‘Never Fade’ actually.”

Meg bit her lip. As happy as she was that Kat and her energy were gone she felt exhausted now. She was used to questions like this though and managed to focus enough on Kionne to answer him. “No… he hasn’t.”

Her father had been a ghost writer since she was ten years old. It wasn’t common knowledge and due to his past works and fame, she always felt she shouldn’t share that with anyone. Better for them to think he had just stopped writing then he was now writing words for other people.
Kionne looked away, probably feeling awkward from her lackluster response.

For a moment the silence stretched. Tatianna, looking mildly distressed, cleared her throat. “Uh… well, this was a little more than I think we planned on so… why don’t we leave it there and maybe we can revisit this question another time.” Standing she smiled brightly if a bit stiffly. “Really, it’s getting late. The sun is going to be setting soon and I know at least a few of you are walking back towards your dorm tonight. Journey and I will message you all for the next cohort event. We’ll do something fun together… maybe attend the Fall Fest?”

Journey grinned. “Yes. An excellent idea. We should all go in costume!”

Tatianna glanced over at him. “Well, anyone who is comfortable can come in costume. We don’t need to push anyone past their limits…right?”

Journey’s smile didn’t even dim at Tatianna’s comment, his mind clearly already in a whirl of planning. “It’s settled then. We’ll see everyone at the Fall Fest. Since it’s after midterms we should go on All Hallow’s Eve. The school always has the most fun events then…. and I know a few good parties we could hit up after.”

Tatianna shook her head. “The Fall Fest is a must for the cohort, but anyone who wants to duck out before the parties is welcome to.” Her tone made it sound like she would rather do the same herself.

After that the group began to disperse and Meg stood with a small sigh. As she did Kionne walked up to her rubbing his neck sheepishly. “Hey… I just wanted to apologize. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot about your Dad. I really am just a big fan…. it’s a shame he hasn’t written anything recently.”

Meg smiled. “It is… and it’s OK. My father is an amazing writer. His short stories are actually some of my favorites as well…”

Kionne relaxed a little at her response. “Yeah, they’re great reads.” he smiled sheepishly again.

19_Kionne Approach
“So… are you going to head back to Simself Hall? Cause I was going to hit the library for a bit before I headed back.”

“Uh, yeah… it has been a really long day. I think I’m going to get going before it gets dark. The walk along the river is really nice in the evening anyway.”

Kionne gave her a concerned look. “You going to be OK walking on your own? I could always–“

“She won’t be.” Both turned at the sound of Adrien’s voice in surprise. “Alone, that is. I’m headed back too. I’ll walk along with you… if that’s OK.”

Meg found herself blinking, not quite sure what to say but then she managed to nod. She didn’t have the heart to reject him despite how drained she felt and how much she wanted time for herself . A quiet walk along the river in the oncoming twilight would have been nice to clear her mind. But he looked worn in a way that she hadn’t seen before. As if he had felt the shifting energy as she had. And maybe he had. He was Kat’s brother. Her emotions, her energy was tied to him in ways that she didn’t understand. “Yes. Yes, of course, that’s OK. We are suitemates after all.”

Kionne looked from one to the other. “OK, good. I feel better knowing you’re not walking alone. I’ll see you guys in class. Be safe.”

“Yeah, see you in class Kionne.” Meg answered smiling over at him as he waved one last time and turned to the library.
“Shall we?” Adrien gestured for her to start forward and she did, the near empty cup of tea still gripped in her hand.

20_Meg&Adrien Feet
For a while, they didn’t speak as they walked. The sun was just beginning to set and the clouds in the sky were turning a cool purple. The autumn breeze ruffled the loose hairs at the base of Meg’s neck, the early winter’s frost just beginning to make the night cold, making her thankful for her sweater and jacket. Part of her felt awkward walking beside Adrien– especially as she remembered the look of anger that had crossed Kat’s face before she disappeared– but there was something comforting about walking beside him.

21_Sneak a Peek
She found herself sneaking a peek at him. He wasn’t looking her way though, his gaze set on the riverside. She found herself looking at it as well. The water was beginning to be a hazy purple from the setting sun and she felt a calm slowly seep into herself. She almost completely forgot the awkwardness of walking with Adrien.
“Thank you.”

22_Thank You
For a second time, he surprised her by speaking first and she found herself stopping for a moment as she looked over at him before quickly looking away. “…uh, you’re welcome…?” She awkwardly readjusted her grip on her tea, tightening both hands around it.

Adrien glanced over her, a small smile kicking up the corner of his mouth. “…I don’t really do all that well answering those questions. I know Journey just wants us all to be closer but… well, I… I have a hard time getting to know people…”

For a moment broken look crossed his face but just as quickly it was gone and his smile back in place though she was beginning to see it was forced. “…You might have noticed.”

Meg felt sadness for him for a moment but then she pushed it aside. He obviously didn’t want to talk about it so she grinned instead.
“And here I thought I was special.” Meg caught his gaze and his smiled eased into a more natural one. “In all seriousness though, you actually seem really at home in a crowd. I think I come off as more awkward than you.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Meg couldn’t help but laugh and Adrien paused a moment before he smiled too.

23_Thought I was Special
“OK, so it can lead to some strange situations… But you’re a very open person, Meg, I envy that. You’re a klutz…but you’re honest. It’s… refreshing.”

Meg didn’t quite know what to make of his compliments. “Well… thank you…”

They fell into silence for a bit, the sound of their footsteps the only sound aside from the occasional scurry of leaves blown by the wind. After a while Simself Hall came into view and Meg was almost sad that their walk was coming to end. Meg couldn’t believe that they had walked back so amicably.

She realized that pretty soon they would mount the stairs and then they would go into their seperate rooms. Adrien slowed his steps pausing to let her pass in front of him and she wondered if he also wanted the moment to last a little longer and something in her suddenly felt brave.

24_Hey Adrien
Glancing over her shoulder, wrapping her arm across her body and hugging the tea to her chest. “Hey Adrien?”

Adrien looked at her and tucked a hand into his pocket. “Yes, Meg?”

She hesitated, not really sure about what to say. “I… I don’t hear you playing violin as often… I didn’t scare you out of rehearsing, did I?”

25_Pensive Adrien
Adrien breathed out a short laugh and then lifted a hand to his hair almost self-consciously. “Uh, well actually, I’ve been practicing in the rehearsal rooms in Founder’s in the morning or when you’re out at your other classes.”

A mischievous grin quirked at the edge of his lips. “Not that it wasn’t fun getting a dressing down from my suite mate but it didn’t seem smart to continue down that road.”

At his words unbidden the image of him standing shirtless in front of her came to mind and she felt her ears burn with heat and her heart speed up. She looked over at him ready with a quick response but stopped short as her heart thudded. The breeze picked that exact moment to pick up again and as the lights turned on and the stars slowly came out from hiding, she saw a small smile kick up at the corner of his lips. She was only thankful that he wasn’t looking directly at her. As her heart picked up speed she nodded and quickly turned away.

She was suddenly thankful that it was beginning to get dark because otherwise Adrien might notice that she was blushing even more now. “Well… Just so you know…” she continued. “I, uh, I don’t mind if you play…in the evenings… I… I have to admit you’re pretty good.”

She couldn’t make herself look at him, but when he replied she was sure that there was a smile in his tone. “Thanks… I’ll keep that in mind.”

She nodded and then the two headed up the stairs and into the dorm. Sighing as they parted ways, she headed inside her own room and started to close her door.

Changing her mind though, she left it half open and flopping into the chair opened her laptop. As exhausted as she felt… there was still a lot of things she had to do before she could crash for the night. First she would focus on her Biology Quiz she told herself even if all her awareness was on the boy in the other room who probably wasn’t giving her a single thought.

Adrien closed the door behind him and made his way over to the desk. Pulling open his desk drawer, he pushed aside some crumpled sheet music he had been working on the other day to find the orange bottle. Popping open the top with expert ease, he downed the pill and grabbed the water bottle he always kept on the desk to drink it down.

Once that was done he flopped onto his bed and stared at the ceiling. These migraines were coming on more and more frequently. They made life difficult at best. Aside from stressing about the added strain of having a roommate, he had lately had a hard time even working on his composition, much less just rehearsing.

He really did need to practice, though for once in his life he didn’t feel happy about the prospect. Sitting up he looked at his violin sitting on the stand across the room.

He almost flopped back and rolled over. Then Meg’s words came to mind. … I don’t mind if you play…in the evenings… I… I have to admit you’re pretty good.

A small smile played on the edges of his lips, and pushing himself off the bed he cracked his door open and saw that she had also left hers open. Smiling some more, he left the door cracked and picked up his violin.

Tucking the bow under his chin he paused for a moment as he prepared himself for that lackluster feeling he had been feeling lately as he played as if he were simply going through the motions.

But from the first pull of the bow across the rosin, the music flowed from the strings, and he felt as if it flowed from inside him in a way it hadn’t in nearly a month. As he played, he lost himself in the music. In the steady, familiar pull of bow over rosin the strings biting into the pads of his fingers as he tuned the notes with his other hand.

His music reached two other people as well. Meg who smiled to herself as she finished her homework and the girl who was always by his side. Normally she loved her brother’s music but today it felt like a knife through her gut. Today he didn’t play for her. Today… he played for himself… and that scared her. Because if he forgot her too… then what would remain of her then…?

27_Kat Alone

A/N: Woo… so this update has been a long time in the making. Believe it or not I have had this chapter mostly written since early Febraruary 2020…. and then my tablet was destroyed, COVID happened and well it got back burnered as things of this nature often do.

Sadly since the last time I updated a lot has changed in my life. My grandmother-in-law who I had been caring for passed due to complications of her Alzheimer’s in May 2020. It was both a relief, because at least I know she can be her whole self again, and extremely sad to say goodbye to a woman I have know for half my life. Not being a caretaker to her left me feeling a bit empty for a bit and it was difficult to continue things that used to bring me joy. But also, because of covid restriction I found myself essentially being a homeschool kindergarten teacher. Needless to say it was a lot.

But just so that any avid readers know, I did not want to give up on this story. I still have a lot of things planned. So thank you if you are coming back or even just joining this much much later when my whole apology means absolutely nothing. Every like, comment and read means the world to me and of course to Meg and Adrien my babies.
Make sure to let me know what you think about the story or even the latest editing since I have a new tablet and am working through figuring out all its gadgets.

As always, Happy Simming~!

Pose Credit List:
Keep me in Your Arms Pose Pack – Andromeda Sims
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