Spirit Guardian

Episode 8: Awakening

It was the first day of classes.

She could always tell when it was the first day of school. Even when alive she believed you could feel the energy in the air. As a spirit your entire world and existence was based on the shifts in energy.  She ebbed and flowed from the Fade, that space between the life and death where she was able to exist as mere consciousness in the physical world.

The first week of every semester at the university always provided enough energy to force her out of the Fade, no matter how much she fought it. So she had learned to just accept it. The nerves from freshmen, the confidence of upperclassman as they met up with old friends, the sometimes shy and sometimes blatant romance that bounced between students as they passed each other in the hall or on their way up the steps of Founder’s fed her insubstantial form with an excess of energy. All of this zinged through her, around her and she soon would find herself perched on the wall at the top of the steps of Founder’s.


Piece by piece, her unsubstantial spirit form manifested itself and it was for a moment as if she was one of them. Getting ready to attend class. The first few years, her mind had even wondered what class she was supposed to attend. She supposed it must have been some latent memory of who she was… she must have been a student once. Why else was she bound to this infernal building, if she had not once been exactly as all the students that passed her by.

She watched faces, some she remembered from previous years or at least she thought she did. Years stretched together so that she might have confused one student for another and never have known it. She watched them live our their lives and on her worst days she resented them for it. On her good days, she pondered what her life before death must have been like. Had she been a good student? What had been her major? What subjects had she liked, which had she hated…? There was so much that she didn’t know about herself. That she had long assumed she would never learn about herself. Until this year.


Sensing the energy shifted again caused her to turn her head and a rush of hope to fill the place where her heart once beat. If she had lived and breathed her heart would have been pounding. For she had become aware of the one person who might be able to find the answers that she had been seeking for as long as her memory as a spirit spanned.


“Meg.” Watching Meg walk by, she felt the urge to barrel after her so strong it took all her willpower to remain still. As she watched, Meg’s gaze flicked to her and then quickly away, a hand’s tightening on the strap of Meg’s backpack as she continued walking resolutely away the only sign that she had seen her.

She shouldn’t feel hurt, she reminded herself about Meg’s distant behavior towards her. She knew that what she asking of Meg was a lot. Especially of someone who hadn’t known or accepted her gift. The right thing to do was to give Meg time to come terms with her own spiritual abilities and she had waited this long… what was a few more days or months compared to the years that had already stretched eternally for her. She had hope now. Hope… was the strongest of energy she had ever felt and she needed only hold onto it for just a little while longer.

Meg had crossed the street, off the lot, so she drifted down to the edge of the lot, her incorporeal feet landing on the very edge of campus as a way to keep hanging onto the sensation of hope for as long as should. For a moment, she simply stared of her own feet poised at the edge of the lot. This was as far as she could go, she knew from previous experience and yet… hope begged her to try again.

Stepping one foot forward, she felt the immediate push back and lifted her hand to feel the familiar invisible wall of energy she had never been able to push through. Her arm suddenly felt three times as heavy and moving it forward seemed to take an excruciating amount of effort. Through stubbornness she managed to push it out a mere foot in front of her face, reaching silently towards Meg’s retreating figure. She didn’t know what she hoped for but she knew that her existence was about to be better understood. Perhaps a sign that Meg was considering helping her…


As she watched, dark swirls of energy wrapped around her arm restricting and weighing it down as if someone had placed a weight upon her. It happened every time she tried to leave. These dark, heavy energy bindings appeared and all the hope and the energy from the first day of school drained from her.

The Fade was beginning to pull her back in but instead of embracing it as she usually did she fought it. She did not want mindless non-existence today. In the Fade, it didn’t matter who she had been and yet this time… Struggling she kept her eyes on Meg’s back as she did not give in.  There was hope of discovering why she was where she was and why she was not allowed to leave…So she held on to her incorporeal form by struggling to retain the energy from around her. The bindings themselves seemed to sap it from her. Something she could never remember them doing… but she had never fought to retain her manifested form before either.

As Meg turned the corner and disappeared though the need to fight faded and she dropped her hand to her side and stepped back. Exhausted she let the Fade take hold and closed her eyes. She was not giving in…. she was simply biding her time. She had waited for years. She could wait until Meg was ready as well. She could wait… she reminded herself and drifted into the Fade like the autumn leaves drifted on a breeze.


Meg didn’t allow her feet to stop until she stood in front of Alexander G. Wesley Science & Research Center. Pausing she looked up at the modern new building. It was one of the newer buildings on campus, built specifically for the science majors. She felt bad for not stopping to talk to Grey Girl… but she also knew that she couldn’t handle speaking with her.

She had barely slept the night before. So instead of sleep she had done what she did best, she had researched. Scouring the internet for any information on being able to see ghosts. Mostly she had come across sites claiming they could teach you to speak to the spirits around you in a simple online course. Just pay the fees… Those sites had aggravated her the most.

Eventually she had put away her computer and pulled out a blank notebook instead. In it she had written everything she knew…which for now, wasn’t much.

1.  I can see ghosts/spirits.
2. Ghosts are restricted to an area (Based on a single ghost encounter- this theory needs further research.)

It was a rather sad list, but it made her feel better having put her limited knowledge on paper. What she still didn’t understand was where these abilities had come from and why she was only encountering them now… Eighteen years into her life. It seemed impossible that this was a latent ability that she was only discovering now…



Meg turned at the sound of her name, surprised and a little on edge from her own thoughts she crossed her arms subconsciously.  She blinked as she realized who was calling out to her. “Oh, hey, Kionne, good morning.” she said trying for a smile as he and another boy with brown hair and a beanie walked up to her.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I just saw you and wanted to say hello. Also… this is Raj Chapa, my roommate.”

Meg immediately got the impression that Raj didn’t smile very often or speak unless he felt it was necessary. “It’s nice to meet you.” she said and when Raj mustered a short and curt nod looked back to Kionne who looked as if he was struggling not to laugh. “So…what are you guys doing at Wesley Center?”

“Biology 101 lecture, of course.” Kionne said with a grin.

Meg blinked in surprise. “I thought you said your major was Creative Writing.”

Raj sighed as if the entire world was on his shoulders. “Dean Lieberman has dictated that all incoming freshman will be taking the same General Education classes regardless of major to improve… campus-wide comraderie.” He looked less then thrilled. “And I am going to get to lecture early so I can get a good seat.”

He nodded another curt goodbye and headed inside leaving Kionne and Meg standing outside the building. “Yeah… Raj is less then thrilled that we will not only be roommates but that we have a couple of courses together.” Kionne kept smiling though, not in the least bit bothered by his roommates behavior. “He’s really not a bad guy, just very focused…but he is right, we should get to lecture. I’ve heard that Dr. Callan is not the most forgiving of Biology professors…”

The two fell into step with each other. Upon opening the front doors of the hall, Meg found herself looking up the framed image of Alexander G. Wesley, the notable researcher who had donated the building to the university. He looked calm and collected in his portrait as you would expect but Meg couldn’t help but feel like there was an underlining laughter and knowledge in his dark brown eyes. As if Alexander was in on some secret joke that she wasn’t aware of. Right now… it felt like that joke was on her. Shaking her head she looked away and followed Kionne up the stairs to the lecture hall on the second floor. She needed to get some more sleep. Everything was putting her on edge. Even photos of people she had never met.

“So… no tea this morning?” Kionne asked, breaking the silence as they walked into the lecture hall.

Meg laughed despite herself. “No… I woke up a little late and I didn’t want to risk stopping to pick up a cup before coming to lecture.” looking around she saw that the lecture hall was already filling with students sitting in their chairs and some chatting with neighbors.

Raj had parked himself in the center table on the right side and pulled out his textbook, leafing through it with a concentrated look on his face. He hadn’t even bothered to take off his backpack, which Meg found a little strange.”

Kionne frowned. “Rough night? Roommate troubles…again?”

She had forgotten that she had mentioned her issues with Adrien to him and blinked. Choosing to sit at the opposite side of the table from Raj she shook her head. “Ah, no. It was a quiet night… I guess… I just had a lot on my mind.”


Kionne walked over next to her and set a hand on the table. “Well, roommate trouble aside.” he looked flippantly across the table at Raj who was blantantly ignoring him. “It’s nice to have a friendly face in the classroom even if that face is the one who tried to spill tea all over my boots.”

Meg laughed again. She had to agree. Despite everything, it would be nice to have someone she knew in class with her. Kionne took a seat next to her, sliding his back pack onto the chair behind him. “I will warn you now though, I… am terrible at science and I will most likely beg for your help come exam time.”

Meg smiled. “You provide the tea and I’ll happily help you study.”

Kionne grinned. “It’s a deal. As long as you promise the tea will not spill all over me this time.”

“I…honestly cannot make that promise. I seem to be the clumsiest person around these days.” she pulled over her notebook and pen. At the very least, one good thing had come from meeting Grey Girl yesterday because without her she might not have had the courage to talk to Kionne in the courtyard.


“I can vouch for that.” a deep, familiar voice said. It surprised Meg, causing her to look up at a dark haired boy in a grey sweater.

“Adrien…” his name came unbidden out of her mouth.


He smiled and despite herself her heart skipped a beat.

“Miss Blackwell, is extremely adept at being clumsy. It seems to be her way of introduction if what you say is true.” Adrien continued his eyes locked on Meg’s face. She felt her cheeks grow red under his scrutiny.

Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Kionne looking confusedly between the two of them so she cleared her throat and forced herself to speak. “Kionne Hunt, this is Adrien Cardoza… my suitemate.”

“Ah… Ah!” understanding lit Kionne’s eyes as she watched him make the connection to their conversation the previous day. “You’re the suitemate, Adrien… nice to meet you. I remember you from the Dean’s assembly. We’re in Journey and Tatianna’s cohort together.”

Adrien raised an eyebrow at Kionne’s exaggerated understanding and Meg felt her ears begin to burn. She wished that she could close her eyes and sink into the ground. Because, of course, Adrien would be in the same general biology course as her. It was just her luck.

“Interesting….” Adrien began and then looked at Meg again. “Well, this should be a fun first semester with all of us in the same course. Something to discuss in the cohort meetings no doubt.”

“No doubt.” Meg replied and then the doors swung open and a dark haired man in a suit walked into the classroom a dark rolling case being pulled behind him.


“Settle down everyone.” the man barked and Adrien looked over. “I am Dr. Mikhail Callan and this is Biology 101. If this is not your class now is the time to exit through either of the doors located at the front of the classroom.”

Halting and settling the suitcase beside him, he looked around the classroom over his dark rimmed glasses a serious expression on his face, eyes like cool mint gleaming in the overhead lights. “If this is your classroom and you are not in a seat, I suggest you find one.” He bore daggers into Adrien who smiled and walked to the seat across the aisle from Meg who closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She didn’t let herself look away from the Professor as he pulled stacks of papers and a notebook out of his suitcase. It only took him a moment to organize himself and, once he had he, he straightened and looked around the classroom. Every student was quiet now waiting for him to begin.

Frowning, Dr. Callan placed a hand on his desk.


“As I am certain many of you know, there have been several changes to the criterion for entering my class this semester. Due to the changes by the current… Dean of the Academy many of you are not Biology majors and are only taking my course to fulfill your general education requirement…” Dr. Callan paused in his speech, his mouth pinching, anger apparent in every line of his body.

“I will make myself abundantly clear. This does not change the way that I shall run this lecture. I have always taught this Biology course for Biology majors and I shall continue to do so. The Dean may mandate that you are allowed entry into my classroom in order to appease the gossipmongers  but he cannot mandate how I operate my classroom. I do not plan to lower my expectations of excellence in accordance with a mandate of solidarity. In my opinion, if students need unite it is in the pursuit of excellence and if this expectation is too much for any of you, then you are free to leave now and speak with your guidance counselors of different accommodations.”

A few low murmurs could be heard from students around the lecture hall as the professor’s tirade ended. No one stood up to leave though. Even as a Biology major, Meg felt herself tensing and she glanced at how the other students were taking it. Kionne grimaced at her but he didn’t move from his seat. No one appeared brave or foolish enough to dare move from their seats now. Although Meg was certain that by the next lecture there would be a few empty seats.


As she looked around the lecture hall, her eyes caught on Adrien’s and he grinned at her from his seat.  She narrowed her eyes at him. He planned to sit there the entire semester she assumed and she was going to do her very best to ignore him and focus on her studies. Because she came to school to get her Environmental Biology degree, not to win a staring contest with a cheeky, good looking boy.

Huffing she looked away first, focusing on the professor as he straightened apparently satisfied his message was delivered.

“Alright then.” Grabbing a pile of papers from his desk, he handed out the syllabus for the class. “We’ll be hitting the ground running and after I review this syllabus and my expectations for you, we will begin covering the lecture for chapter one. I hope that you have already picked up your textbook and I expect that you shall bring it with you to class for every lecture. We will be referencing diagrams and work problems in class from the chapters and without it you shall be, at least, lost if not completely left behind.”

After handing out the syllabus, Dr. Callan returned to the front of the class room and flipping a remote dimmed the classroom lights, drew down the shades on the windows and booted up the front projector.


“Ooh, this Professor is going to be interesting… I wonder how you’ll handle this, Adrien.” a female voice said from behind Meg but she didn’t look up instead opening her book to the beginning of chapter one.

She didn’t have time for Adrien… or his groupies…


“As I stated earlier, my name is Dr. Mikhail Callan. I have a PhD in Biological Sciences and I have been a Professor of Biology for fifteen years at this institution of higher education. Welcome, for those brave enough to continue after today to Biology 101….” Dr. Callan opened up the syllabus powerpoint and now that he had delivered his serious message to the student, he seemed to have relaxed. It was a standard introduction lecture and Meg found her lack of sleep catching up with her as she struggled to focus on what the professor was saying.

“…is this really what college is…? More listening to teachers talking at you…” the same female voice said and Meg felt her ire rising.

The girl was not being subtle in the whiny of tone of her voice. Yet no one else seemed annoyed at her. How was the professor not asking her to leave? The professor continued lecturing and the hall fell silent as students scribbled down notes about the class. After the introduction, the professor moved on to the chapter one material. Meg tried her best to remain focused but something about the girl was bugging her and she had to fight the urge to turn to look at her.

“Adrien…” the same girl whined again. “This is so boring….I know you can’t hear me and all….”  At her last words, Meg felt the hair on her neck stand on end.


“But… if you could… I would tell you I have an idea…. let’s get some ice cream! You know like we used to after school…” Meg really tried to focus on the teacher but at the girls words she couldn’t help but turn to take a peek. As she did, the girl looked over at her and the two of them found themselves looking directly at each other. Meg almost immediately recognized the girl she saw in auditorium the day of the Dean’s Address and a feeling of dread washed over her. As quickly as she looked over, she looked away again.

She focused her eyes on the Professor but she was no longer hearing him since she was internally panicking. This was the second time that she and the girl had locked eyes and a feeling deep inside her told her that this was not your run-of-a-mill encounter.

“Wait a minute….” the girls voice echoes behind her but she refuses to look back.  How is this even possible? Eighteen years of never knowing and now it’s like everywhere I turn… there’s another one. I can’t. I can’t handle her knowing. I have to pretend that I can’t see her. “You’re the girl… the one who looked my way during the assembly. You… you can see me, can’t you?”

Meg willed herself not to physically respond and instead picked up her pencil to write…. something… She blinked her eyes and tried to focus on the slide or the words that the Professor was speaking but it was like she suddenly couldn’t breath. Each breath felt like a labor to draw in and her head felt foggy and her limbs felt heavy and lethargic. It took everything she had to simply lift the pencil and look down at the blank sheet that was her notebook’s first page.

“You can see me.” suddenly the girl was in front of her and Meg’s fingers went lax on her pencil causing it to slip from her fingers and roll off the table and onto the floor. She followed its progress onto the floor, mostly because it kept her gaze from the girl’s, and sighed. Kionne looked over at her from his seat next to her.

“Are you Ok, Meg…?” he asked but his voice pitched low barely reached her ears.

She managed to nod her head and Kionne returned to facing the teacher and writing down his notes.

She had managed to ignore ghosts for eighteen years, she told herself. She must have so she simply needed to continue doing so until she figured out how to rid herself of these… newfound abilities.

Meg glanced up to see if Dr. Callan had noticed and was relieved that the girl had vanished from in front of her. She just needed to keep her focus on the lecture and get away from here. She heard a small snort and looked over to see Adrien covering his mouth to prevent himself from snickering too loudly.

Just what she needed, she thinks to herself, more reasons for Adrien to laugh at her. Gritting her teeth, she glanced at the professor again and then leaning over reached her hand out for the wayward pencil and stopping short when a pale hand with slim fingers reached it before she could. She couldn’t help herself this time, she glanced up.


The girl had dark, short hair that framed her face. Just like every other student in the room she was dressed in what Meg would have considered first day of school best. A pink sweater over a collared white dress, with grey geometric leggings worn in deference to the cool fall day. And on her back was a grey rhinestone studded backpack, the kind that had been extremely popular when she was in middle school.

Meg’s mind was suddenly blank.

“Look, you don’t have to worry… I’m not going to haunt you or anything. It’s just neat that you can see me…it’s… been a while…” the girl smiled and lifted the pencil towards Meg. She reached out without really thinking about it and grabbed the pencil. For a moment that seemed suspended in time Meg just stayed there, leaned over her hand holding onto the pencil the girl had handed her.

And then the moment was done and a sharp voice was calling for her attention. “Miss… Miss in the front row, do you plan to stay down there for the rest of lecture?”

Realizing that the professor is talking to her, she sits up and shakes her head. “Sorry, Dr. Callan… I … dropped my pencil.”

Dr. Callan didn’t look very amused although a few other students including Adrien snorted a bit at her response.

“Well, now that the pencil has been found. Why don’t we all return our attention to chapter one, page 15 and we will begin working silently on the problem sets from the end of the chapter so I can see how much you truly have prepared for this class today. If you don’t have a book, please find a more prepared student to share with.”

Everyone in the class groaned and Meg looked over her shoulder but the girl was gone again, no where to be seen. Shaking her head, she flipped her textbook to the correct page and tried to focus on the problems in front of her. Problems she could currently solve she reminded herself.

As soon as lecture ended, Meg knew she needed to get out of there and began gathering up her things. The girl hadn’t really bothered her after handing her the pencil but she just wanted to be as far from this space and the spirit as possible. She would deal with how she was going to come back into this space for lecture three times a week later. For now she just wanted… away.

“Man, that was one tough first class. I need a break after that. Want to come grab a coffee and a bagel from the campus coffee stand, Raj?” Kionne said stretching in his chair next to Meg.

“I have another lecture.” Raj said simply and Kionne looked nonplussed and glanced up at Meg.

“How bout it Meg, join me for coffee? Or tea if you prefer… my treat.” he pointed at himself and smiled.

That made Meg hesitate. Kionne was being extremely nice and so far he was her first real shot at a normal friend. “I…” as she looked at Kionne the girl appeared directly behind him and she shook her head.

“I have to… go sort out my scholarship details… maybe another time.” so saying she grabbed her things and didn’t even wait for Kionne’s response before she bolted out of the lecture hall.


Of course escape wasn’t that easy. “Meg, wait up.” Adrien was the last person that she thought would ask her to wait but she didn’t want to come off as rude especially after her first meeting. Turning she saw him slide out of the lecture hall after her, the door falling closed but what she didn’t expect was to see the new spirit standing between them.

“Are… you OK?” Adrien asked, his eyes furrowed in genuine confusion.

“That’s right. You’re Adrien’s suitemate. The one who fell into his room… Look I just wanted to say that I don’t plan on bothering you… though, if you don’t mind chatting now and again it would be nice to actually talk to someone and not just at them.”

Meg is not even sure how to respond to either and then she realizes that she can only answer Adrien. Answering the girl… well, that would make her seem even more insane. “Yeah, I’m fine. Stressed but… fine…”

Adrien looks less then convinced but he doesn’t say anything as Meg turns to leave.


“Look, I realize you can’t talk to me here but… well it would be nice…” she stops and reaches out a hand to stop Meg. Perhaps to appeal to her some more and as her hand makes contact with Meg’s arm suddenly Meg feels as if her entire head explodes and she takes a dizzy step backwards.

By now other students have begun to exit the classroom and Meg hears the distant buzz of them chattering but what she hears most loudly is crying. A little girl crying, and an immense strong feeling of sadness so similar to the kind she felt when she and Adrien first shook hands. The feelings overtook her. Tears filled her eyes and she shut them to ward them away.



At a distance she hears Adrien call her name again and she is barely aware the Kionne has exited the classroom. He says her name, as well, she thinks but even as she is aware he is there suddenly all the sound stops around her and she feel her knees buckle. The world goes black. The last thing she is aware of is strong arms bracing her fall and the thud of her backpack hitting the ground underneath her.

All around her there is only sadness and darkness. And a loss so deep as if she is separated from her other half.

Adrien… his name is a thought, an emotion… it seems to fill her mind and as suddenly as there is nothing suddenly there is a girl.


She is at once the girl but also herself. She is cold and wearing a dress that once might have been a pale pink but is now more a dingy champagne color. It is tattered at the edges and covered in dirt. The room around her is darkness. She might make out shapes of furniture but those are more like figments then the girl. The girl is the most real thing. Although as clear as the other details are Meg finds she can’t seem to focus on her face. She only knows that she has dark hair…

And then it is as if Meg steps out and away from the girl and she realizes that she is once more herself. And she is not alone.



Realizing that she is some kind of dark space seated on the ground, she pushes herself to standing and spins to face the unknown person. Immediately she recognizes her from the waking dream she had the other night. She recognizes the silver moon eyes.

“A dream…this has to be a dream.” she says aloud. “You’re not real. You’re some figment of my imagination. Some product of stress and sleeplessness.”

The dark figure tilts their head at her. She still can’t really tell if they are man or woman. The delicate features make her think woman and yet there is something ominous and very male about the figure’s posture. “You speak this time. Very impressive, Megara Blackwell Santillan. I suppose I should suspect nothing less of a seventh generation Guardian. But I am afraid this isn’t a dream. I am very much real… Not necessarily corporeal but I am no figment.”

Pulling back the scarf wrapped around her face, Meg finally sees the full face of the figure and based on the low cut of the dress, she is female. “Then… who are you?”

The woman grinned, her silver eyes glinting in the dark black of…whatever space Meg was in. “I… am Death.”

Of the things that Meg had expected her to say…that was not one of them. “Death… so you’re saying I’m…”

“Dead? Oh no…. no no no. You are not dead, Megara. You were overcome by spiritual energy of an attached spirit because your powers are… well less then developed but you are still very much alive. What use would I have for a dead Spirit Guardian…?”

Meg shook her head. “Spirit … Guardian… what does that even… mean?” Putting a hand to her forehead she rubbed it. “You can’t be real.”



‘Death’ disappeared from in front of Megara and then reappeared floating behind her. The elegantly cut black and purple dress transformed into a vintage black Victorian mourning gown with a high collar and when Meg looked over at her she wore face mask of skeletal markings.

“Is this more believable? I am Death, Megara.”

Meg pulled back from her unconsciously. “Death… is a woman?”


“Those of Hispanic origin have thought so. You’ve heard of La Calavera Catrina… have you not?” Death shifted again, coming to stand in front of her as a woman in a black studded dress, her hands folded nonchalantly behind short curly hair. “This century I feel like appearing feminine… But truly I am beyond gender or corporeal form. This figure is only for the sake of conversing with you. Whatever form I take it is of no consequence to me. I can just as easily be man… or animal. Perhaps even the next time we speak. To your people I was most popularly known as Tanka Ma’ra … It roughly translates to Great Dark One… but that is a bit of a mouthful… Feel free to just call me Mara.”


Suddenly the world around Meg appeared colorful and she could feel her head pounding again and she put a hand on her forehead. “Ah…”

Mara folded her arms across her chest. “It looks likes are time is about done. This is good.”

“Wait!” Meg struggled to open her eyes and focus on Mara’s figure in front of her. “I still don’t understand. You say ‘my people’ and ‘my powers’–I don’t have powers! I’m just a girl who is stressing out about college.”

“And this explains the spirits…? The people you see that no one else does or can?” Mara gives her a straight look.

The pounding returned and Meg squeezed her eyes shut. “Then why me? Why now…!?”

“You have always had these abilities, Megara. The question isn’t why, the question is what will you discover about yourself next? It’s time to start questioning everything you know, Megara. Your world is awakening… as are you.”

The voice–Mara’s voice– faded into the darkness and Megara did too until she sat up.


When she opened her eyes again, she realized that she was in a nurses office of some sort and sleeping on the couch across from her was Adrien.

A/N: Hey guys, so in this update I built the Alexander G. Wesley Science & Research Center in honor of a sim from another Simlit written by my fellow simlit writer on the forums squirrelwithacup.

If you have not checked out her work. Nightshade: A SimLit then you are seriously missing out. It’s adorable, epic and heartwrenching all at the same time and Alexander is the brother of the female lead, Amelia. He is…a character that you will have to read to believe. She is much further along in her story but I believe it is well worth the binge.

Also included in this chapter are a few background characters (Omari and Kai) that I received from Squirrel in a secret santa exchange, you can pretty much guess who they are because they are the handsomest men ever and they are also themed in my two favorite colors purple and turquoise. Also our Simselves (Aema (short brunette) and Squirrel (long brownish-red hair with glasses) are also discussing class right behind Meg, Kionne and Raj.

I think that is everyone from this go around and if you want to submit some young adult sims to attend the Sims Academy of Advanced Studies, I am more then willing to have a few new ones enroll. Lord knows I need more people hanging out in the background. Just send me a little message over on the forums. I have a discussion here or you can dm. My forum name is TheAemaSimming as well.

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  1. Oh boy, that was a lot to take in! This chapter felt longer or “beefier” than the ones before, so I might be forgetting something in this comment 😅 I should have been taking notes!

    I love that we’re getting grey girl’s POV. Oh boy, so the poor girl doesn’t even remember who she was or why she is bound to the campus. I wonder how long she’s been stuck this way for, she probably doesn’t know herself – I guess the passage of time might be different when you’re a ghost. Especially if you’ve been one for so long that your ties with your physical existence have been severed to the point you can’t quite remember who you were…

    Judging by what we see later on in the chapter, the other ghost does seem to recollect who she is, or at leaat, she seems to have that memory, or at least she recollects a fagment from her childhood. Looks like she’s the girl Adrien referenced before, his (?) sister, perhaps? Though from what we saw before I got the impression she died when they were little, but her ghost is fully grown. Aand since we’ve been told ghosts are liked to locations, her presence on campus would seem to suggest she became a student here before her death. Which means her death must be quite recent… unless of course her presence is because she never did get to physically come here and this is her somehow posthumously fulfilling her wish to study here?

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    Onto more lighthearted stuff – the professor may bitch about the dean, but I’m not going to complain that the dean indirectly orchestrated for both of the hunks to be in Meg’s class 😁 Seeing that Callan is determined to make this class biology-student level (I get the impression the dude has quite the inferiority complex), perhaps Meg may need to tutor both Adrien and Kionne. Not that she’ll have time for that now that she’s going to be ever ghost’s go-to person 😆

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    1. Ooh. This is the longest comment I’ve ever gotten. Thank you for taking the time to pick apart the details and out up your theories.

      You already have a really good grasp of where I’m going and I will definitely try to clarify as the story goes along.

      And yes Dean has the right idea. Although yes balancing cute boys is not really on Meg’s radar at the moment.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If Meg is able to see ghosts, she’s gonna have a rough time in her day-to-day life. I’m pretty sure it can be hard to have such an ability. I used to watch a few shows about people who are able to see or sense spirits.

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