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MSSSC July Submission: The Most Powerful of Magic



A/N: It’s that time of month! I am once again submitting to the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge (and am amazingly not skipping a month woo!). This month actually marks my one year blog anniversary with WordPress, although I didn’t actually post anything up in the blog until October, so I’m waiting til the anniversary of my first post to make it “official”… Which is why I am still entering into the Novice Category as shown on banner above.

Writing in this competition has been SO much fun. It has also spurred me to write some more of my own, longer SimLit so for any readers of my two on-going series… I promise, there’s more. I just need screenshots.

Anyway, rambling aside, this month’s piece had the following limitations…

THEME: It’s Magic
WORD  COUNT: Up to 800 max
DEADLINE: 31 July 2019 @ Midnight PST

For my entry, I was highly inspired by an entry from last month’s MSSSC (June MSSSC Submission by Sharae, June Sky: A Myth, which if you hadn’t, you need to read!!!) I utilized some of the same CC that she did which are linked at the end along with poses that I used for this.

Now, onto you, the reader. As with last time and every time you choose to read and vote in this competition, please remember to READ ALL entries and vote for your top three in BOTH categories (Novice and Veteran). If you do not vote for three in each category then your vote will not count. Voting will be open the first week after the end of submissions (This month’s will be open to vote from August 1st – 7th). I plan to vote myself! As usual, I am sure there will be a ton of wonderful submissions and I am highly anticipating the chance to read them all.

LisaBeeSims had outlined all of this on her blog and on the page in the Sims Forums (found here). There is also a Facebook Page for those who want to like and follow. Make sure to bookmark these pages and check out all the amazing writers that are participating. Or if you are a writer looking for an opportunity, check it out and enter it! I encourage you because there are so many people who have encouraged me and I hope to pass it forward.

Happy simming and please leave me feedback if you take the time to read.

And my totals were….

Word Count: 798 (With 2 Whole Words to spare! …not including Author’s Note or Creator Credit.)
Screenshots: 10
Submitted: 20 July 2019 (So proud to have not submitted at last possible moment!!!)

Once a star fell in love with a boy.

The boy had always been fascinated with the stars.

And far away, she was just as fascinated with him.


As a child he spent many hours simply lazing on the grass, finding constellations in the sky and connecting them with his finger. For four months a year when she orbited overhead, she watched him.


But as humans do, the boy grew.

Soon he was a rowdy teenager who went to the bluffs with friends to have bonfires.


And then sooner still a working adult who spent more days indoors with research and calculations so that she might only glimpse him briefly through the square openings in the walls of the structure he lived within.


And each passing year, his time under the stars gazing up grew even more limited. Years passed by without even a glimpse of the man she had fallen in love with. Her heart breaking the Star’s light began to dim as she feared she might never again glimpse his wide and curious eyes.


Then one night, burnt out from the research and calculations the man walked out onto his balcony. Rubbing his neck from exhaustion, he looked up and gazed at the first bright star of the evening as he hadn’t in years. She was that first, shining star that night out and his eyes focused on her as they never had. The man, perhaps in lost in sentimentality, smiled from his balcony as he gazed upon her.

To her it seemed they were the only two in existence and her light brightened. Drinking in the sight of his face, she wished that the moment would go on forever.

Gazing at her, he suddenly realized how long it had been since he had simply just enjoyed the silent, shining lights and unbidden an old childhood rhyme came to mind. He wasn’t sure what spurred the thought but he suddenly felt the need to do something that he hadn’t since he was a child. He made a wish.

“Starlight, star bright….” he said to the empty air and feeling a bit awkward looked around. Of course, there was no one on the balcony but him. He cleared his throat and continued, for he always followed through. “First star, I see tonight. I wish I may…I wish I might…. have the wish I wish tonight….”

In that moment, as his voice echoed through the lonely night air, the two closed their eyes together. She wanted nothing more then to grant whatever wish that he asked for. And he asked only for someone to understand him…


As he opened his eyes, he saw that other stars had begun to shine through and he caught his breath as a shooting star streaked across the sky. But the star he had been wishing on… was gone.

“I guess… It wasn’t a star after all.” he said to himself and shaking his head at himself and his foolishness, he turned to head inside. As he did, a glimmer of light caught his eye from below. Blinking, he leaned over the railing and looked down to the where it came from. On the shore below he saw a figure in white standing.


She stood before dock, eyes wide staring at the expanse of star in front of her as she breathed in the fresh cool air for the first time. The home that she had always known now a millennia away.


“Miss?” the voice rang from behind her and her newly possessed heartbeat pounded in her ears she turned and was face to face with the man she had loved from a distance for so long. “Are you… alright?” he caught his breath as eyes as full and dark as the night sky turned to look his way.

She could only smile.

And so their new story began. It would be years until she finally told him of where she had come from. And when she did, it took him time to believe, as he was a man of science. Still, despite the hard times, the love the Star had for the man only intensified. And for the man, who had only ever dreamed she existed, he too soon feel in love with the Star.

* * *


“Dad…Look! It’s the first star of the night!” the little girl with blond curls pointed up at the night sky from her spot on the shore.

Her father seated beside her smiled. “Make a wish, Mari.”

The little girl tilted her head looking over at her father. “Will it come true?”

He smiled mysteriously at his daughter and looked at his wife as she sat down, placing his hand over hers on the sand. “Wishes are the most powerful of magic. You never know…”


Creator’s Credit:

– Twinkling Animated Stars wallpaper and floors by Bakie (used in June MSSSC Submission by Sharae’s June Sky: A Myth, seriously go READ it, if you haven’t already!)
– Earth Planetary Decal by Atos
– Planet Ceiling Lamp –  Stellar Stuff Pack from The Plumbob Tea Society

– Little Star Seated Pose – BIG PICNIC by Santsolla
– Teenager Star Seated Pose  – “Girl Talk” by Eden’s Star
– Star/Man Prayer Pose- Pose Pack #1 – Prayer by Borgona
Hard Times Pose Pack by Jay the Ebony Simmer
Pose Pack N15 – Katya Bobbra
– This One Time at Camp… Posepack by StoryBrooke Poses


Orson Cross (Man) & Rhodanthe North (Star) were created by me for another WIP series of mine. For this story I created multiples so that I could have them at different ages and with different outfits pre-planned.

Their daughter Mari Cross, who is featured in the epilogue section only, was created in CAS using genetics solely for this short story but I forgot to save her or upload her….

T_T Sorry….


Build: Cross Point Lighthouse WIP by Me

It is placed on the Dock Den lot on the Windenberg Island. In the base of the lighthouse is a study area that is decorated with some CC, but otherwise it is created with mostly in-game items. It does have some items placed with moveobjects on fyi.


31 thoughts on “MSSSC July Submission: The Most Powerful of Magic”

      1. Though I will add it is still mostly a facade. I am still working out the interior floor plan but for this story I mostly needed the office, the lighthouse observation deck and the outside so I just finished that portion. I plan to finish the rest soon though.


      2. Thank you. It was just the lighthouse tower and when I got the story inspiration I just suddenly just had a flash of knowing exactly what it should look like. I actually spent a whole night on it.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Je suis d’acord tout ce qui se passe la haut dans le cosmos fait peur mais et en même temps très magnifique et inspirant. En plus ton histoire me fait penser a celles des Métamorphoses d’Ovide j’adore ce livre.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Ummm…. WOW! I absolutely love this story! And not just because our stories look and feel like they come from the same universe (which is so cool). I’m a sucker for a good human and “object we thought wasn’t alive is” romance because they have so much to sacrifice and overcome. The screenshots are beautiful. I really like how you have Star suspended in space with the glow around her, so gorgeous. I linked your story at the end of June Sky.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They do feel as if they could exist in the same universe, don’t they…? That would be interesting… my Star meeting Ila and Sol… she might be a bit intimidated I think.

      Either way, I am so glad that you liked it. Thank you for the link. I feel accomplished! Also thank you for reading! 💗

      Liked by 1 person

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