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MSSSC June Entry: No Take Backs

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The weather was hot in Oasis Springs. Kneeling in what little shade was available near the rocks and lavender beside a small wedding arch, Hunter wiped at their brow and looked down at their Nikon camera, double checking the settings.

This was far from the fanciest wedding that they had been hired for but it was a favor for a friend. Hunter wouldn’t say that they had many friends but Quintin was one of them.

The news that he and Molly, his long time girlfriend, were getting married was stunning to Hunter but, of course, when Quintin had asked, Hunter had obliged despite their confusion.

Stella, Molly’s daughter and the only other attendant stepped across the park, scattering a few blush colored roses across the floor. She smiled and Hunter snapped a photo of her framing the falling petals around her. As they did, Stella stopped, a sudden frown crossing her face.

Hunter frowned and looked over to Quintin who tilted his head. “Stella?”

Stella looked up at him and the smiled resettled onto her face, scattering a few more petals and coming to his side. “Quintin?”

“You OK, little star?” Quintin reached out a hand, unerringly finding Stella’s chin and smiling Hunter snapped a photo of the two together. Quintin had never once balked at the thought of Molly having a daughter and the two had always been fast friends.

“Quintin… are you really sure this is what you and Mom want? Are… we really going to be a family now?”

Quintin smiled. “Would I be standing out here in 90 degree weather, in a suit if I wasn’t sure?” he quirked an eyebrow.

Stella smiled, though it faltered. “It’s just… people change their minds…and you don’t even… know what Mom looks like.”

Quintin turned his face towards Stella, although as always, his pale grey eyes couldn’t see anything. They hadn’t been able to for many years yet. “Stella… I know your mother better without my eyes then I ever would with them. I’m sure. We’re really going to be a family.” he reached up and pulling her in front of him ruffled her blond hair so like her mothers. “Now… tell me when she starts coming. I might not be able to see… but you and Hunter can. And… I don’t want either of you to miss this. Today… you two will be my eyes.”

Stella laughed as he ruffled her hair and then her gaze turned and she took in a breath as Molly stepped forward.

Quintin smiled. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she.”

Molly stepped up to him and unerringly he reached out his hands to hers. “I wish… just today I could see you.”

Hunter snapped photos furiously, trying their best to capture the look on Quintin’s face and the blush on Molly’s cheeks. The beauty of the moment took their breath away. Knowing that Quintin had only the feel of Molly’s hands in his, Hunter didn’t want to miss a thing.

“If your eyes worked you might not be standing here.” Molly breathed subconciously.

Quintin shook his head. “If these eyes worked… I might have missed the chance to know you… I probably would have looked right by… Because I might have stepped out of the way instead of walking right into you.”

“That’s why you should use your walking cane.” Molly said pointedly looking down because as usual Quintin had refused to use it. He had said it would ruin the pictures and Hunter had guided him.

“Another sign it was meant to be.” he grinned unperturbed. “And yes, I know you’re glaring… I can feel it.”

The preacher cleared his throat behind them and Molly and Quintin startled. “May we begin?”

Molly blushed and Quintin rubbed his neck.”Yes… of course…”

The vows were simple. Hunter had photographed much flashier ceremonies with doves being released…

And all of San Myshuno as the backdrop.

And yet, furiously… Hunter found themselves snapping pictures, shifting angles. Until the preacher said the fateful words, “I now pronounce you man and wife.”

Quintin knelt down kissing Molly sweetly. A breeze rustled through the the lavender let off a fragrance so strong that love was literally in the air… The camera clicked away and Stella grinned from ear to ear at her newly married parents.

Finally the two pulled away and just as suddenly the wind died away. The preacher nodded and quietly walked away, more weddings to officiate and a smile on his face.

As soon as they parted Stella darted between them wrapping a hand around both of them. “So… it’s official? No take backs. We’re a family now?”

Hunter smiled despite themselves.

“No take backs,” Quintin said kneeling down.

Stella squealed and pressed a kiss to Quintin’s cheeks. “Hey, Hunter… thanks… for being my eyes”

“Anytime.” Hunter smiled.

Author’s Notes: Hey readers, so as the Image on the Top states, this is my entry for the June Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge in the Novice. Life got a little too busy and I tried really hard to finish this before the deadline. Am pretty happy with it overall.

As last time please remember to READ ALL entries and vote for your top three in BOTH categories (Novice and Veteran). If you do not vote for three in each category then your vote will not count. Voting will be open the first week after the end of submissions (This month’s will be open to vote from July 1st – 7th). I plan to vote myself as usual…there are a ton of wonderful submissions and am highly anticipating the chance.
LisaBeeSims had outlined all of this on her blog and on the page in the Sims Forums (found here). There is also a Facebook Page for those who want to like and follow. Make sure to bookmark these pages and check out all the amazing writers that are participating. Or if you are a writer looking for an opportunity, check it out and enter it! I encourage you because there are so many people who have encouraged me and I hope to pass it forward.
Happy simming and please leave me feedback if you take the time to read.

Credit: Wedding Day Pose Pack by ClumsyAlien, You & Me Kid by Soluna Simmer, Take a Picture by JuhhB, Gallavich by Slowpika


Edit: This piece placed 2nd in the June Novice Standings. Thanks to everyone who read and everyone who voted! Very proud.

Novice Silver Winner_June

24 thoughts on “MSSSC June Entry: No Take Backs”

  1. Seeing a wedding from a photographer’s point of view was a novel idea (wish I’d thought of that!) They have to be able to read people and emotions plus the surroundings to capture the perfect moments so that’s such a great choice. I really like how Hunter and Stella have a parallel arc where both have mixed feelings in the beginning but are brought to a point where they are completely happy for and with their friends (parents) as they both observe the ceremony from different viewpoints. Great story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. My fiance is actually a photographer so as soon as I saw the theme it was the first thing to come to mind. From there the characters came to life as I made them in CAS. Quintin generated with the CC Blind eyes so I went with it instead of changing it and I really wanted to photograph a flower girl so Molly had to have a little girl… and the rest almost wrote itself when I went in and set up the shots.

      Liked by 1 person

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