Spirit Guardian

Episode 3: …Adrien!?

The Simself Hall was bustling with people.

On all the floors, dorm room doors were flung open, boxes were piled around the doorways or inside the main living area. Some were marked ‘clothes’, ‘computer’ and one, that Meg raised an eyebrow at, was marked ‘To Leave Alone’ in dark, thick sharpie pen with three underlines.

I guess this is typical of most first days of college. She watched a father lug box after box inside the room just off to her left. She could hear a woman, no doubt a mother, giving orders and then some laughter.

“Dad!” a petite redhead walked out of the another dorm past face red and obviously flustered. “You’re not supposed to be lifting heavy things! Mom told you to only grab the light ones. Come on.”

The redhead took the box from him and the two headed inside again. Bickering, but all here together as a family unit…

“Simself Hall was built by Simself Enterprises. Joseph Simself, the CEO is an amazing businessman they say–Oh, this one’s your room! This one here on the corner.” Carey said chipperly stopping the cart she was pushing for Meg.

She had volunteered to walk her to her dorm, had been chipperly giving her a history lesson about every landmark of the college along the way…

Meg turned her attention back to her. “Thanks for helping me with this.”

She turned to look at the doorway, which was hers. It was closed and there didn’t seem to be any sound coming from inside. Odd but Meg shrugged. “Looks like I’m the first one here.” she said to Carey, pulling the strap of her gym bag up onto her shoulder.

“Oh, do you want me to hang out? I can totally help you move in your stuff in and I could introduce you to you roommate if you like!” Carey beamed and Meg felt suddenly like she preferred the idea of a nice quiet and tranquil dorm room. Alone.

“Uh, no. Thanks. I can handle it from here. I have been known to introduce myself on occasion so I’m sure my roommate and I can handle it.” She said and then added when Carey looked a little disappointed. “Besides you still have so many other freshman who need some help. I’ll see you around?”

Carey resumed her smile. “Yeah, you’re right. Okay, well, good luck with your freshman year, Meg!”

Meg smiled, she couldn’t really help it. “And you have a great…”

“Sophomore,” Carey supplied.

“A great sophomore year. Maybe I’ll see you around campus?”

Carey nodded and bouncily turned to walk down the hall. Meg watched her go a smile still on her lips. It seemed to her that Carey was completely incapable of not being cheerful. Must be tiring.

Turning back, she pulled the key Professor Weaver had given her from her pocket. “Well, here we go.” She turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open. The room inside was lit with a enough light from the front windows to see pretty clearly and she pulled her rolling suitcase inside with her. She would tackle dragging in the rest of her things after she looked around she figured.

She found herself in a small living room. A couch and a loveseat were situated to her right around a small coffee table and on a stand a large TV was placed. Further to the back, there were two comfy reading chairs and a lamp situated in front of what she assumed was a set of big windows or maybe even a door leading onto to a balcony. It was hard to tell since the curtains were pulled shut.

In front of her were three doors, one off to her left, one straight ahead and one that was just to the right on the turn in the wall. Leaving her rolling suitcase where she set it, she opened the first door to the left. It was a bathroom as she had suspected. A double vanity and a glass shower greeted her. Sharing this with complete strangers was going to be quite interesting. Though it could be worse, she could live in a dorm with a communal shower, as some universities had.

Suddenly a screeching sound came from her right, the door that was straight ahead of her. She had thought she was alone but… the screeching continued for a second and then she recognized the sound, a violin being tuned.

“Hello?” she said quietly, inexplicable afraid to say anything too loud.

The tuning stopped. No one answered.

(Author’s note: This is the song I imagine Adrien playing in case you’re curious. Chaconne by Vitali or would like some background music to play for the rest of the chapter.)

Suddenly, the violinist began to play. The music was beautiful and haunting, filling the room and even seeming to vibrate within her chest. She closed her eyes for a moment just enjoying its sound. Meg had always wanted to play music but she had never had the time. She sang on occasion and was able to muddle her way through tapping out a few keys on the piano to learn a new song for choir in high school but beyond that music eluded her. Besides with her mind set on the Academy it had never really panned out. But now listening to this haunting tune, she wished again that she had learned to play even if only for a little bit.

That person playing must be her roommate. Reaching down into her jeans, she pulled out the scratch paper where she had jotted down the name that Professor Weaver had told her along with the key. “Adrienne… Adrienne Cordoza.” She read aloud. “Well, I guess it’s time to live up to my promise and introduce myself.”

The door was slightly cracked she now noticed and because the music was still so beautiful she walked quietly towards it and pushed it open just a bit more. Curiosity had her wanting to actually catch a glimpse of her roommate before she introduced herself. What kind of freshman girl could play like that?

Leaning against the door, she tried to peer around and into the room. Unfortunately, the corner of the closet blocked her view and the only thing she could make out was the end of the violin and long, delicate fingers with well trimmed nails.

Adrienne’s face was just around the corner and even more curious she leaned a little more on the door. Unfortunately, she must have leaned too hard on the door and the door swung inward and away from her.  Before Meg knew it the door had swung all the way open and she found herself grabbing at air.

Unceremoniously, she fell forward landing hard on her stomach with a yelp of surprise.

After she caught her breath again she looked up to see she was face to face with some converse.

“Can I help you?” a male voice said and shocked she reared back to sit on her heels and stared up at a very male, very annoyed violinist.  She felt her face grow hot and wished right then and there that she could just sink into the floor and disappear.

“I’m…I’m so sorry.” She scrambled to her feet and turning gestured to the door. “I just heard the violin and I didn’t want to disturb you—or my new roommate who I thought you were—and I thought I could sneak a peek until she—you—were done so as not to disturb and then the door…”

Meg realized she was rambling and stopped snapping her lips closed. “I’m sorry, let me start again. There was a mix-up and they said there was a room here for me with Adrienne Cordoza but obviously I have the wrong room.”

“I’m Adrien.” He said raising an eyebrow as she continued to ramble.

“So I’m just going to go back to Student Housing and you can keep playing—“ Meg stopped as she realized what he had said. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

He smiled then, a thin almost sarcastic smile and, leaning towards her, carefully enunciated again. “I’m Adrien. Who are you?”

11 thoughts on “Episode 3: …Adrien!?”

  1. Well this is a surprise. I didn’t realise she would have a roommate (I must have misinterpreted the last chapter when they said she’d get her own room), and I certainly did not think it would be a guy. Well this is interesting… or awkward… how’s Meg going to deal with this? 😮

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh boy! What an entrance, and what a way of meeting your roommate. First, Meg thinks her roommate is a woman, which is rightfully so. Then, she finds out he is a mail, plus she falls flat on her face upon her first meeting with him. Not such a great start, is it? Talk about Murphy’s Law!

    I love the violin segment though. Music has always been near and dear to my heart, being a classically trained and professional singer. Hopefully, we will get to hear more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Meg is definitely definitely having quite the Murphy’s Law kind if day. I’m glad you liked the violin segment. I will definitely be including more as I really like music. And for Adrien music is of particular importance.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Meg, why would you be so dismissive of someone friendly on your first day of uni, someone who might inroduce you to more people no less, tsk tsk. I get that she might think Carey is not her kind of crowd, but uni is the time to ipen your mind…

    Anywho, so somebody’s getting a violin plaing male roommate, Meg’s accommodation process sure has been riddled with errors 😄 (Funnily enough I have actually worked for a university accommodation department so this is quite amusing. Though it wasn’t in the US, so the whole roommates instead of flatmates things definitely puts a spin on things)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s funny. I hope that my rendition of the systems wasn’t too crazy. I never had as much issue as Meg in my time in university so it’s mostly just my imagining of it. As far as Carrie, I honestly think it was more being overwhelmed from her day then anything personal against Carrie.

      Liked by 1 person

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