Spirit Guardian

Episode 1: Sad Girl

Why put a Student Housing Office in the basement? Meg wondered. She was walking down the stairs of Founder’s Hall at the Sims Academy of Advanced Studies, struggling to drag her giant rolling staircase down the stairs.

Of course, she reasoned, SAAS or the Academy as most people called it was anything but your typical university. Students had to not only pass normal standardized testing but also submit a portfolio and complete a rigorous entrance exam to be accepted. Already extremely elite, those coming on scholarships like herself were even rarer. Most of the people who came here had money.

Meg sighed as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

However, there was one thing that didn’t separate this university from other universities and that was the fact that mix ups happened. That was why she was journeying down into a dark basement on a nice crisp fall day when she should really be moving into her dorm room right now. Of course, to move in she had to actually have a dorm.

Walking out of the stairwell, Meg found herself in a dimly lit basement. The walls were brick with white plaster and no decoration. On either side of her was a hallway with identical doors. And, of course, no sign of where Student Housing was located. “Which way…” she stopped talking to herself as a blue light caught her eye on her right side.

She turned and looked more closely down the hallway. There was definitely a blue light… in the shape of… a person?

Meg blinked. It seemed to be an actual person, wearing a greyish-blue dress. Maybe they knew where the office was…?

“Uh… hello… do you know—“

Voices filled the hallway as a door opened from the opposite side of the hall and Meg turned towards them startled. “Man, I’m so glad they figured out our rooming problem. I don’t know what I would’ve done if they hadn’t let us room together.

“Oh, that must be the Student Housing…” she looked back over her shoulder but whoever the person down the hall was, she was gone.

She wondered who that was. She had seemed… sad…

10 thoughts on “Episode 1: Sad Girl”

  1. I’ve happily discovered your blog through the Sim lit monthly challenge, and I am really enjoying this story. Looking forward to reading more of your work!


    1. That was definitely the vibe I was going for. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading and even more for commenting! I appreciate everyone and anyone who can take time to come and read my meager offerings.


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