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Sims Academy of Advanced Studies [Sneak Peak]

Hey Simmers!

I know there hasn’t been all that much going on on this site yet. And that is mostly because I have been working on building the sets. Much of the story will take place in and around the Sims Academy of Advanced Studies, a university that for the purposes of my story is located in a lot “next to Magnolia Promenade” and Newcrest.

In reality, this save file’s Magnolia Promenade is going to be taken over by the four buildings of the SAAS (as I am calling it for short hand). I am currently working on building the main Founder’s Hall, which will have an auditorium, administrative rooms and a few classrooms. I am basing the external structure off of my own private university’s Founder’s Hall that I graduated from since I am very familiar with it and am borrowing some elements from it and am building the interior only to the degree necessary.

09-01-18_10-06-15 PM09-01-18_10-06-22u00a0pm

For example, there is a hallway with two sets of doors on each side [shown above], but the entire “front rooms” are only a narrow hallway instead of actually housing rooms since I would have to make the overall layout much larger, and even the biggest lot in Magnolia Promenade won’t accommodate it. {Yes, this is MC, no I will not tell you her name yet… why… I don’t know… I guess because I am just like that.}



One of the main elements from my own Founder’s Hall I wanted to create is an auditorium. I had this idea to do a two tier room and with some foundation finagling I even managed to build a stage. I am pretty proud of the final results so I thought I would put this up here.

For the most part, it is even base game though the banners on the side’s belong to CC that was from Sims 3 University that SrslySims re-purposed for the Sims 4. Originally the banners were for a Frat House but I have decided that the Shield and key is the School’s Seal and I am going to be using the banners around the school for that purpose. I think I will most likely even do a little CC making and steal this color here and put it into a rug to use in the main Founder’s Hall foyer but… that is for another day.

Here’s a few more screenshots to show off my Auditorium.


I even added a tech room, for what should be a sound and lighting board, though there isn’t that so we have a computer set up and a few other doodads to complete the ambiance.



The second room that I have completed so far is the Student Housing Office. This is actually going to be the room in which some of the very first scenes take place in. We didn’t have a room like this at my University… or at least I never had to visit it as I was a commuter so I pulled up some images of student housing offices and based it off this one:

Student Housing

I really liked the closed off feeling of the room, so it is currently located in the basement of my Founder’s Hall since it didn’t feel right to have it in another location (I tried, but too many windows…)


So that is a little sneak peek into the world of SAAS… now onto why I suddenly decided to write this post. I am creating a lot of this out of my mind… but I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me name the theoretical Founder of SAAS or the auditorium. The one at my school was called Morgan Auditorium, named after a husband wife duo, but I am open to suggestions….please leave a comment with your thoughts. If not… well, I guess I’ll just have to figure it out on my own.

I plan to periodically post more photos of my build as the story prepping progresses. Figure this way, you guys will know I haven’t vanished off the face of the earth. Here’s hoping you like it. 😉


2 thoughts on “Sims Academy of Advanced Studies [Sneak Peak]”

  1. Hi! These builds are amazing. I’m also really happy you’re starting a story on WordPress- I like being able to like and comment on stories, and I find that awkward to do on blogspot blogs xD I’m slowly making my way through your legacy, and I am enjoying it immensely 🙂

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